Club selects Michaela Mannke as the 2017/18 Howard T. Canfield Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Michaela Mannke, a Capitol Christian student, was selected for the club 2017/18 scholarship award. She received the highest academic achievement award in grades 9-11. As a senior she scored 32 on the ACT with a GPA of 4.43. Miss Mannke was named the outstanding advanced placement student in the following subjects: World History, English, Art History, and Chemistry. She was a member of the Superior Dean’s List for grades 9-12. She graduates with the highest  rank in a class of 113 students.

Michaela was active in multiple sports programs and served as captain of the basketball and volleyball teams. She was the varsity cross country section champion. She volunteered for a youth basketball program. She was a Real Life Children’s Volunteer Hero.

The reference letter states, “she is a hard-working, determined individual marking success socially, academically and in athletics. She performs at the highest level in the classroom while being involved in a vast number of extracurricular activities.”

Michaela says her career goals include graduating with honors from The Ohio State University and then attending  graduate school. She looks forward to participating in the world renowned Ohio State University Alumni Association (OSUAA).

The club is extremely proud of its members and fans who willingly support our long standing ability to raise sufficient funds to allow yearly scholarship award(s).