The Alumni Scholars Program presents an opportunity for alumni clubs to engage exemplary students from their local area, to help them financially and to encourage them to attend The Ohio State University. The Sacramento Valley Buckeyes take pride in their ability to support our Howard T. Canfield Memorial Scholarship program for local students who attend the Ohio State.

Funds for the Alumni Scholarship Program are generated in a variety of ways:

• Game watch raffles of OSU merchandise

• Annual Holiday party

• Silent Auction

• Sales of club merchandise

• Annual membership dues

• Individual donations (If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, click here.

• You can also make a tax deductible contribution when you begin or renew your Club membership dues – click here.

With the support of the board, members and fans, the Club raised enough money to both increase the Howard T. Canfield Memorial Scholarship fund during the last 10 years as well as give out scholarships totaling $22,300 to highly qualified local students attending Ohio State. Congratulations to all of our most recent scholarship recipients:

– 2017/18: Michaela Mannke
– 2016/17: Olivia Righton, and Sterling Winter
– 2015/16: Olivia Righton, and Sterling Winter
– 2014/15: Taylorr Navarro and Hannah Bensman
– 2013/14: Kelly Maringer
– 2012/13: Natalia White, Graham Lyon, Brandon Soalfeld, and Hanna Bensman
– 2011/12: Graham Lyon, Kelli Hagar, and Natalia White
– 2010/11: Yi-Ling Shen, Christopher Holm, and Graham Lyon
– 2009/10: Michael J. Hayne

How do we find students? We participate at local high school college fairs, deliver information to local school counselors, and rely on YOU to let us know if your son or daughter or the child of a friend or colleague is interested in attending Ohio State. To find our more information, visit OSU future students.

How can prospective students qualify?

Students must:

• Be admitted to The Ohio State University

• Rank in the Top 10% of their high school class

• Be recommended by high school teachers or counselors who can comment on his/her scholastic ability and character, as well as a record of performance in activities in school

• Be recommended by an adult familiar with community service activities

• Reside in our membership-based area

If you would like to be considered, please contact Marsha Koopman.